Saturday, September 7, 2013
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Category: Vampire & Wolf Love Story
About: A girl named Stella, who was born as a vampire queen. At day time, she looks innocent & calming girl. At night time, she change to a vampire. There's 2 men, Kris & Luhan, who are wolves. Both of them love Stella for some reasons, but she only loves Kris. When will they turn into a normal people? Who will be Stella's wolf in the end?


Name: Stella Chung
Age: 24 years old
Type: Kind, Innocent, Polite
About: A girl who is a vampire, had in love with a man who's a wolf. She's figure out how to change back to a human.

Name: Kris
Real name: Wu Fan
Age: 25 years old
Type: Innocent, Gentleman, Polite, Kind
About: A man whose a vampire queen fall in love with. He never let Luhan to take her from him. He's also a wolf.

Name: Luhan
Age: 25 years old
Type: Cute, Innocent, Polite
About: A man who also a wolf that loves the vampire queen. He's trying to make a bet with Kris to own Stella forever.

Chapter 1
→Chapter 2 coming soon...
→Chapter 3 coming soon...

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