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Kyuhyun is your husband. Both of you married for 3 years. You know that he really busy because he has so many schedule to do. One day, you accidentally bumped on someone. It's Seohyun, Kyuhyun's ex-girlfriend.

"Mianhae." You apologized to her.
"Gwenche-... ____, is that you?" Seohyun asked.
"Nae, Seohyun unnie. Waeyo?"
"I just wanna ask you something."
"What is it, eonni?" You felt that she might do something bad.
"Divorce your husband. He's mine."
"Bwo? Why should I divorce him? You're the one who cheated on him, and now, you want him back again?" You said angrily.
"Shock, huh? I don't want to tell you why, but at least you divorce him. I give you fortnight. If you don't divorce him, you'll get my punishment, arra?" Seohyun left you alone.

You were froze. You didn't speak anything and you went back home. You saw Kyuhyun was at the living room watching television. You don't want him to know about Seohyun. You are about to go to your room, and suddenly Kyuhyun hug you from behind.

"Annyeong, darling. You look very tired today." He kissed your cheeks softly.
"Nado annyeong, yeobo. I'm not in mood today." You let go of his hand and went into your room. 'I think there's something wrong.' Kyuhyun thought himself.

You're at your room. Laying in bed. Not sleepy because of Seohyun. You don't know what to do. Kyuhyun went into your room quietly.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Kyuhyun sit beside you.
"I can't sleep." You answer.
"I think there's something disturb you. ___, tell me what's wrong?" He moved closer to you.
"I accidentally bumped on someone just now."
"Who was it?"
"Seohyun eonni." you look down.
"Seohyun-shi? What does she want, darling? Jebal, tell me." He raised your face so that you can face him.
"She... She wanted me to divorce you or she will do something bad to me." Your tears starting to fall.
"Darling, you promise me that you're a strong wife. You managed to control yourself." Kyuhyun wiped your tear.
"I feel weak, yeobo. She only gives me fortnight." you looked down.
"You can live it. I'll save our relationship until forever. That's my promise." Kyuhyun kissed your forehead.
"Nae. Gomawo, Kyu." You then sleep with him in that night.

Time so fast. It's the last day to let you decide whether you have to divorce or not. You don't know what to do. That morning, Kyuhyun went early. You decided to leave the house and go back to your hometown at Hiroshima, Japan. You didn't tell Kyuhyun that you already booked the ticket. You packed your stuff and left the note at the table. You asked your senior friend, Mina, drive you to the airport.

At the airport,
"____, are you sure you have to do this?" Mina asked.
"Nae, Mina noona." you answered her.
"Will Kyuhyun know that you're pregnant?" You speechless. You knew if he know about this, Seohyun will extremely damn kill you.
"Gwenchenna, noona. I already wrote about that at the letter I left at home. I have to go now." You hugged Mina.
"Nae. Take care of yourself and also your baby." Mina hugged back.
"Nae. If Kyuhyun asked me where am I, don't tell him."
"Nae, ___. I promise." Both of you made a pinky-swear.
"Annyeonghigaseyo, noona. Sayonara." You waved at her and walk away.
"Sayonara, ___." Mina waved back and drove home.

At night, Kyuhyun went back home. He thought that you'll home late as usual, so he went to your room and waited. He found that there's a letter from you.
"Annyeong, my lovely-evil husband, Cho Kyuhyun.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I have to leave you for the sake of my life. I know, you really believe me that I'm really a strong woman. But that's on the outside. In the inside, I'm not. I really felt really weak until I went to see the doctor. The doctor said that I'm three months pregnant. I wanted to tell you about this when I went back on that day but I was afraid that Seohyun will hurt me and our baby. So yeah, I don't want to tell you where am I now. Mianhae, yeobo. Saranghaeyo.

Your lovely wife.
Kyuhyun was really worried about you. He quickly called Mina but she didn't answer. Kyuhyun knew you can't managed to live your life and your baby without him.

The next morning, Kyuhyun was at home. ALONE. Suddenly, there's someone knock the door. Kyuhyun slowly open the main door. It's Seohyun.

"Annyeong, sweet cheese." Seohyun hugged Kyuhyun childish.
"Bwo? What do you want from me, bitch?" Kyuhyun pushed her angrily.
"I just wanted to marry you. Aren't you already divorce?" She pouted.
"Bwo? I never ever divorce my wife. NOT even once. You just want my money." Kyuhyun shouted angrily.
"But where's your wife?" Seohyun asked.
"She's ran away because of you. Why you have to ruin my own family? If you weren't hurting her like that, she won't do something that she doesn't like. Now, I finally know that she's pregnant. I'm still a father of her child. So stop bothering my family or I'll call the police."

Kyuhyun took out his smartphone from his pocket. Seohyun was shocked. She doesn't know well about you. She felt ashamed of herself.

"Mianhae, Kyu oppa. I thought that you're still love me." Seohyun apologized Kyuhyun.
"Gwenchenna. But I'm worry about ____ now. I don't where is she now." Kyuhyun looked down. Suddenly, there's a news from the television.


"___? No... this can't be. Seohyun, quickly call my members to book a flight to Hiroshima, Japan. I have to call the others." Kyuhyun and Seohyun quickly called.

All the members of Super Junior were shocked. They finally arrived at the airport and immediately went to the hospital. Everyone is really worry about you. Then, the doctor came out from the ward.

"Doctor, how's my wife and baby? Are they fine?" Kyuhyun asked.
"Well, we were trying to save the baby, but we couldn't." Everyone was shocked.
"H-how about my wife? Is she fine?" Kyuhyun tried to calm himself.
"She's in weak condition and she's comma." The doctor explained.
"Can we come in to visit her?" Kyuhyun asked again.
"Mochiron, you may. But we'll have to change the room."

At the room, Kyuhyun hold your hand.
"___, my wife, we have lost our first child. I still remember the last time you said that you want a baby. ___, if you wake up and know about this, I wish that you won't be so upset. You always my strong-lovely wife. We just need to keep forward." Kyuhyun kissed your hand. Then, Seohyun sit beside you.
"___, mianhaeyo. I'm really a foolish girl. I'm really sorry for ruin your family. If I was thinking clear that day, this won't happen to you. ____, please wake up and forgive me."

Since that day, everyone always visited you. It's almost 3 weeks, you still in comma. Kyuhyun always stayed at hospital every night to accompany you. One night, Kyuhyun was cleaning your face softly with a wet towel. Suddenly, he noticed your fingers are moving. He quickly called the doctor.

"Doctor, is my wife back to normal?" Kyuhyun asked.
"Her breathing is now normal. Yes, she's back. But she's still weak. Please take good care of your wife." Then the doctor left the room.
"K-Kyu...hyun..." you slowly open your eyes.
"___, I'm here." Kyuhyun sits beside you and hold your hand.
"The baby... is... dead... right?" you asked in weak voice.
"Nae, darling. I know it's our first time lost our first child." You touched his face.
"Gwenchenna, yeobo. At least we're still together."
"Darling, you really..." You cut his word by kissed him softly.
"Didn't I promise a long time ago? I promise you that I will be a strong wife and mother. Isn't that my promise?" you pouted.
"Of course. Don't you ever break your promise, araseo?" Kyuhyun pinched your cheek.
"Araseo, yeobo. Oh, right? Where's the others and Seohyun?"
"The others have their own schedule while Seohyun is at world tour with SNSD. ___, do you forgive her?" Kyuhyun suddenly asked you back.
"Mochiron. Of coarse. Everyone has their own mistake. So yeah. I forgive Seohyun." You smiled.

After a few days, you finally recover. You and Kyuhyun finally patch back together. After a few years, you finally got to know you're pregnant again. You and Kyuhyun finally lived happily with a new life family.


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