Friday, November 15, 2013
5:28 AM
request from Bernice.

It's been 5 years that you and Baekhyun had been best friend. You had fallen in love with him secretly. Until one day, you were walking to the cafe. Out of the blue, you saw a girl who was kissing Baekhyun. You accidently dropped your phone.

"B-Bernice??" Baekhyun stood up from his chair.
"M-Mianhae for disturbing your moment." You picked up your phone and walked away.
"Bernice, wait!" Baekhyun started to chase you but you're too far away.

You stopped at the park where you and Baekhyun first met. You started to untie your necklace. You still remember the first time you met. You knew Baekhyun will never done this before and you never thought of it before. But, you felt you're broken hearted. You're about to throw the necklace when suddenly, there's someone hugged you behind.

"Bernice, please don't throw the necklace." Baekhyun begged you.
"Waeyo? You already dumped that girl, huh? Dream on, playboy." When you're about to throw, he suddenly kissed you passionately.
"Bwo? What was that for?" you pushed him harshly.
"I kissed that long because I already love you since we first met."
"Geez, such a jerk," you threw the necklace on the ground and walk away.
"Bernice, w-wait...." he tried to call you but you ignored him and you already walk far.

At night, Baekhyun sent a message for you: "Annyeong, Bernice-shi. Mianhae if I made you heartbroken. I didn't know that you would act like this. I'm really sorry. Bernice, let's meet at the park again. There's something else I wanted to tell."

You sighed. You took your phone and went to the same park. You waited him almost an hour, but he didn't show up. Suddenly there's a group of gangsters came.

"Annyeong, lady. Why are you alone in this night?" the leader of the gangster asked.
"W-who are you anyway?" you asked them.
"Don't be too scared, lady." He was about to lean on you when suddenly there's a similar man came.
"Let her go!" Baekhyun grabbed the branch.
"Boys, kill him," the leader told the gang to beat him. Fortunately, Baekhyun beat all the men.
"Is it just me or that you're about to do something to my girlfriend?" Baekhyun asked the man with his evil smile.
"M-Mianhaeyo." The gangsters let you go and ran away.

Baekhyun ran towards you and held your hand.
"Bernice, are you okay? You look so pale." he asked.
"Nae, I'm fine," you looked down.
"No, you're not." Baekhyun lifted up your chin so that your face faced him.
"Baekhyun, you said that you wanted to say something. So, what is it?" you asked him.
"I love you, Bernice. I've been loving you ever since childhood. Will you be my girlfriend?" Baekhyun put your hand on his chest. You were really speechless.
"Am I dreaming? I also secretly fall in love with him. Should I accept or not? He seems so serious." you thought yourself.
"Bernice, do you accept me?" He asked again.
"Of course, I do, pabo," you hugged him.
"Wait, did you call me pabo again? You may HAVE to accept my punishment for calling your own boyfriend's name." Baekhyun pinched your cheek.
"Aniyo... mianhae, oppa." you laughed yourself.
"Nae, gomawo for understanding, my angel." Baekhyun kissed your lips softly.

Since the day, both of you become sweet couple.


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