Sunday, June 8, 2014
1:08 AM

She get up and went towards her bookshelf to find the mysterious of the times. She read and read. Suzuka was shocked that the times stop if a person tries to control another person. It is the darkness inside every body, include Suzuka.

She wanted to meet Siwon and suddenly she screams and stops the times again, but this time is even different. A man in black hoods is behind her. Suzuka was scared at that time.

"W-Who are you and what do you want from me?" Suzuka walk backward slowly.
"Don't worry, Suzuka. I'm not hurting you. I'm your dark side but different gender," he said while open his hoodie.
"No.. no.. no.." she went towards the door and try to open the door but it's locked.
"Suzuka, you can't run away from the darkness. If you want to know who killed your brother," he took out a bracelet.
"That bracelet.. I know that bracelet.. it's Siwon.." she murmured herself.
"Ask him. He'll know the truth because he knows your brother. But, you have to ask him sooner before your times is out."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, maybe you still don't know, Suzuka," the man bring the books that Suzuka read.
" Here what the journal says, 'If the person is become abnormal, the person will surely can't control itself and it's dark side will control the person if the times is out.' So, you must really careful of your emotions." the man warned her.
"Oh, arraseo. But still, I don't know your name yet," Suzuka went towards the man.
"You shouldn't know my name yet. But since you're curious, my name is backwards from your name. I'll have to go," the man disappears then the times move.

Suzuka felt uncomfortable. She felt that she doesn’t have any choice. She doesn't want to let Kyuhyun know what will happen of her in the future. Kyuhyun suddenly knocked the door.

"Suzuka, are you okay?" he asked.

"N-Nae, Kyuhyun. I'm… fine." she answered and open the door.

"Suzuka, I heard your scream. What happen?" Kyuhyun hold Suzuka's hand.

"Oh, it's nothing, Kyu. I'm just freaking out for a while, that's all," Suzuka doesn't want Kyuhyun to know the incident about her. She doesn't want him to worry about.

"Aniya, Suzuka. There must be something worse happen than what you just said. Just tell me the truth, nae. Maybe I can help you."

"I wanted to tell you the truth but I just... can't." she lowered her head.

"That's okay, Suzuka. You can just tell me later on," he pat her head, "Since it's Saturday, let's go to the park as usual, nae."

Suzuka nodded, "Arraseo, Kyuhyun shi."

Suzuka and Kyuhyun went out to the park. Kyuhyun hold Suzuka’s hand and pull her closer to him. She doesn’t feel surprise or whatever but it’s normal for her that Kyuhyun does it just to protect her. Suddenly, she saw Siwon was jogging. Suzuka remembered what Sakurai just said. She has to ask Siwon knowing her brother’s death or not.

“Kyuhyun, I want to speak to Siwon for a while. Can you wait?” Suzuka asked.

“Hmm… Okay, Suzuka. I’ll wait here,” he pat your head.

Suzuka then went towards Siwon.

“Good morning, Suzuka. You’re here for jogging too?” He greet you.

“Nae, good morning, Siwon. I’m just want to have some fresh air. Can I ask you a question?”

“Oh, of course, Suzuka, but first, let’s sit there,” he pointed at the bench.

Siwon and Suzuka sat together at the bench while Kyuhyun hide behind the tree. He wanted to know about their conversation. Siwon took out his water bottle and drank it.
“Siwon, do you know my brother, Asuka?” She asked.

“Asuka? That’s her brother? Oh no! If I tell her the truth, she must be upset and not be friend with me.” Siwon sighed.

To Be Continued…

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