Sunday, June 8, 2014
1:10 AM

“Siwon, do you know my brother, Asuka?” Suzuka asked.

“Asuka? That’s her brother? Oh no! If I tell her the truth, she must be upset and not be friend with me.” Siwon sighed.

“Please, tell me. Don’t make me repeat my question again,” she said.

“Asuka, I know him. He’s my old friend, Suzuka. We always hang out together. But there’s something strange happen,” he tried to remember the incident.

“What is it, Siwon? Tell me…” she asked curiously.

“Suzuka, actually… Your brother wanted me to kill him,” Siwon lowered his head.

“What? He can’t be that crazy and want you to kill him. You’re joking, right?” Suzuka asked while hold her tears.

“Aniya, Suzuka. But that night, me and your brother were too drunk, and he said like he’s so serious. I didn’t even think twice so I killed him,” he hold her hand.

“No… no… it can’t be… IT CAN’T BE!!!” Suzuka hold her head.

“Suzuka, you’re okay?” Siwon tried to closer to her.
“I’m sorry but I have to go,” she ran away while tears fall.

“Suzuka, mianhae…”

Kyuhyun, on the other side, chased her. He hugged her from the back.

“Suzuka, you have to be strong. Whether Siwon told you is real or fake, but it happens in the past. I’ll be here beside you no matter what.”

“Kyuhyun, I don’t want to live anymore. Why could things happen of me? Why people that I love leave me? My parent, oppa, and others??” Suzuka cried.

Kyuhyun wiped her tears, “There, there… don’t cry, nae. You’ll be safe with me, Suzuka.”

“Kyuhyun ah… ” she hugged him tightly, “… please don’t leave me alone. I can’t live without you, Kyu.”

“I know, Suzuka. I promise I’ll not leave you again. But you have to promise me not run away without I’m knowing, I’ll worry about you,” he kissed her forehead, “Let’s go home now, shall we?”

“Arraseo, Kyu,” she nodded.

After that, they went home together. Suzuka suddenly felt dizzy and fall down. Kyuhyun carried her to her room and put her in her bed.

“Suzuka, you have to rest, nae,” Kyuhyun patted her head.

“Arraseo, Kyuhyun,” Suzuka hold his hand, “Kyu, can you accompany me while I’ll sleep?”

“Of course, Suzuka. I will.”

“Gomawo, Kyu,” she laying her head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“Nae, cheonman, Suzuka,” he kissed her forehead.

That night, Kyuhyun accompany Suzuka while she’s asleep. He tried to know more about her more. Suddenly, he saw a man in black clothes, Sakurai, at outside the house staring at the window of Suzuka’s room. Sakurai realized Kyuhyun saw him, so he disappeared in a blink of an eye. Kyuhyun get up slowly and went towards the bookshelf to find the mysterious book that Suzuka kept.
Kyuhyun found the book and open the book to read. He read and read, and he suddenly found something.

“A person in black clothes while wear a hoodie is a person’s darkness. It is different gender to the person, example: It’s a man but it’s a girl’s darkness. It always come when the person stops the time. It comes to just give some advices for the person. It is told if the person’s times out or called died while it still alives in earth, the person will ....”

“The half part must be torn off. Hmm… I should find the paper to know more,” Kyuhyun put the book in shelf and laying beside Suzuka.

Monday, Suzuka and Kyuhyun went to school together. During the class, Suzuka didn’t even talk to Siwon. Siwon wanted to make out with her by asking her the exercise that he pretend he doesn’t know, but she was writing it out without any word. Her classmates feel weird between both of them. Since their staring are annoyed Suzuka, she took out her bag and leave the class without her teacher’s permission.

Suzuka didn’t even went back to her class until the school is end. Kyuhyun tried to find her during recess but he can’t. Kyuhyun know the feeling what will happen of you. Suddenly, one of Suzuka’s classmate found a piece of paper that has torn. Kyuhyun took it and read it. He realized that the paper is belong to the mysterious book that he read last night.

“Where did you find this paper?” Kyuhyun asked the classmate.

“We found it when Suzuka left the class just now. We had no clue about the paper, so we think you may know what does it means.”

“Nae, I know what it means. Do you guys know where does she went?” Kyuhyun asked again.



The times stops. Everyone freeze except Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked around and try to find Suzuka. He heard her screams from the top of the building. He ran up to the top of the building and he saw Suzuka with black dress. He went towards her.

“Suzuka?” Kyuhyun tapped her shoulder.

Suzuka turned around with her weak voice, “Kyu…hyun…” 

“Omo! Suzuka...” he touched her face careless, “… you look so pale. Suzuka, you have to forget everthing. I don’t want anything happen of you because…”

“Mianhae, Kyu…” she walked backward slowly.

Will Kyuhyun save Suzuka this time? 

To Be Continue…
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